Jolene Bailie/Gearshifting Performance Works was founded to support the growth of Jolene Bailie’s artistic work. The company primarily creates and produces the work of Jolene Bailie.

Since 2000, Jolene Bailie and Gearshifting Performance Works has also had the pleasure of working with numerous amazing artists. These artists include:
Marie-Josee Chartier – the large scale project for 15 performers, petites danses, and two solo works for Jolene Bailie, A Short Voyage and Terrain.
Wanda Koop – collaborator for Sensory Life, Infinite World,  and the Hybrid Human body of work.
Bill Evans – new creation: Broken Columns, remounts: Alternating Current, Tres Tangos, Hard Times, Climbing to the Moon, Saintly Passion, Jukebox Saturday Night. Demonstrator for the Bill Evans Teaching Certification Program in Port Townsend, WA. Guest Artist and Teacher at the Bill Evans Summer Institute of Dance. Teaching Assistant, Co-Choreographer for Interweave, adaptation and re-working of  Naturescape Unfolding I and Naturescape Unfolding II. Re-mounting of: Planetary Secrets, Wherever Never, Craps. Rehearsal Director for Bill Evans’ work, including: Colony, Lament on Bourbon Street, MigrationsInterweave, Naturesacpe Unfolding INaturescape Unfolding II, Planetary Secrets, and Andante.
Don Halquist – worked with on several pieces with Bill Evans
Jeffery N. Bullock – MFA Thesis Advisor, 2010-2012
Nina Watt – direction and re-staging of Dances for Isadora, a suite of five solos by Jose Limon
Jim May – direction and re-staging of Escape and The End? Two solos by by Anna Sokolow
Deborah Dunn – new creation, The Green Zone
Denise Clarke – new creation, full length solo show, private i
Rachel Browne -new adaptation, Freddy, remount of Sending Love
Allen Kaeja – new creation for video Terrain
Joe Laughlin – new creation, walking thru myself
Brent Lott – outside eye, Everything’s Coming Up Roses
Marc Boivin – new creation, To Somewhere Else
Stephanie Ballard – re-mounts, Mara and Etude
Julia Sasso – remount, The Illegibility of this World
Gaile Petursson-Hileyre-mount, After Words

Since 2009, Jolene Bailie/Gearshifting Performance Works has engaged dancers for project work. Dancers include: Jolene Bailie, Freya Olafson, Tiffany Thomas, Ruth Levin, Claire Marshall, Andrew Milne, Tyrell Witherspoon, Christie Peters, Emma Rose, Mark Sawh Medrano, Krista Nicholson, Branwyn Bundon, Christie Peters, Nina Patel, Janelle Hacault, Helene Le Moullec Mancini, Elise Page (Allard), Tanja Woloshen, Ian Mozdzen, Leelee Davis, Sarah Roche, Warren McClelland, Jessica Southgate, Carol-Ann Bohrn, Arne MacPherson, Jillian Groening, Camilla Schujman, Sam Penner, Philippe-Alexandre Jacques, Eric Blais, Aaron Paul, Natasha Torres-Garner, Shawn Maclaine, Ilse Torres Orozco.

Jolene Bailie has 25 years of teaching expertise. Jolene Bailie/Gearshifting Performance Works supports the development of pre-professional dancers by creating, and/or facilitating, immersive bridging, coaching, mentorship, and performance opportunities. Opportunities for emerging dancers are educational activities, and were created consistently and annually from 2004-2019.  Emerging dancers have included: Neilla Hawley, Ilse Torres Orozco, Mark Dela Cruz, Shawn Maclaine, Camila Schujman, Aaron Paul, Alexandra Winters, Leah O-Hara, Elise Page (Allard), Jillian Groening, Krista Nicholson, Janelle Hacault, Mark Sawh Medrano, Emma Rose, Sarah Helmer and Spenser Halfyard.

Special Thanks to Hugh Conacher who has designed lights for almost all works and collaborated on hundreds of performances.

Special Thanks to Susan Chafe who has created sound for numerous works, 2010-2018.

Special Thanks to Anne Armit and The Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s Wardrobe Department for creating costumes for Jolene and the company from 2001-2011.