Performances 2005

New York City
March 05
at The Limon Studio Showing
City Center Studio #4, W 55th St.

March 13
at The Gas Station Theatre

Stuttgart, Germany
March 18
9th International Solo-Dance-Theatre Festival

March 31-April 02
at The Guelph Contemporary Dance Festival

Brockport, New York
May 6
informal showing at SUNY Brockport

May 13-15
featuring the Canadian premiere of Jose Limon’s DANCES FOR ISADORA !!!
In conjunction with Chasing Bliss, Jolene Bailie presented advanced and professional master classes with Nina Watt, the Artistic Associate of the Limon Company.

July 06-17
featuring Marie-Josée Chartier’s A Short Voyage and the entire suite of
José Limon’s Dances For Isadora

July 10th and 11th
Jolene is pleased to announce that she will be performing at The Dancing On the Edge Festival

July 20-30
Mixed Repertoire: Freddy, La Patrie (excerpt from Dances for Isadora), Bell/Anti Bell (world premiere), walking thru myself

Port Townsend, WA
August 13
performing in “Bill Evans and Friends
Jolene will perform Stephanie Ballard’s Mara and Bill Evans’ Just a few Broken Columns

August 25-September 05
Mixed Repertoire

September 08-18
Mixed Repertoire

Sunday, October 23
featuring Jolene’s premiere of Climbing to the Moon by Bill Evans, a pre-show performance and more!!
WCD Studio Theatre

November 02-03
Perimeter Performance Symposium, New Dance Horizons