Grant Awards
Gearshifting Performance Works has received grant awards from The Manitoba Arts Council and The Winnipeg Arts Council for the 2018/2019 season.

New Creation
Artistic Director, Jolene Bailie, is developing a new full length work, Schemas, 1-5. Schemas, 1-5, will premiere April 26-27 at The Gas Station Arts Centre in Winnipeg.

Ongoing Teaching
Gearshifting Performance Works offers open classes to the professional community in conjunction with project work. Dates and times are listed on our Education page. Artistic Director, Jolene Bailie, teaches throughout the season at The Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Professional Division (2000-2001 and 2013-present) and project based at The School of Contemporary Dancers (1997-present) .

Professional Development
Gearshifting Performance Works offers professional level technique class as a service to the dancers.

Gearshifting Performance Works’ AGM was held on January 20, 2019.

Dance Current Magazine
Jolene Bailie was featured in the summer 2018 edition of the Dance Current magazine, What’s in Your Dance Bag.

Jolene Bailie’s most recent full length work was reviewed for the online edition the Dance Current.
“The fiercely athletic show includes nail-biting lifts and leaps, dancers slamming into each other’s chests like rutting bucks, executing perfectly controlled full back bends or sliding to the floor in pliable front splits punctuated by percussive claps and slaps against their own bodies and skin.

…her latest creation billed “a dance between will and imagination” is among her strongest full-length works to date – stripped to the bone of extraneous influence while focusing on the expressive power of movement itself.” – Holly Harris

Dance International Magazine

Read about our 2018 new work as well as our summer repertoire show in Dance International Magazine, summer 2018, fall 2018 print editions.

You can read about our 2017 feature presentation, petites danses, featuring the choreography of Marie-Josee Chartier, in the Fall 2017 issue of Dance International Magazine.

Our 2016 new creation, Happyland, was featured in the Summer 2016 issue of Dance International Magazine with 3 pages of insightful information into our creation process.

Gearshifting Performance Works is touring a new rendition of Phase Wash in summer, 2019. More details to be announced in May.

Marking Milestones
In summer, 2019, and as the highlight of the 2019-2020 season, Gearshifting Performance Works is marking three important milestones: the 15 year anniversary of incorporation, the 10 year anniversary of gaining charitable status, and Jolene Bailie’s 20 year anniversary of professional work. These milestones are being marked with three new renditions of Phase Wash and touring.

Interim Artistic Director at Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers
Jolene Bailie is the Interim Artistic Director at Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers. This is a part time contract, February 01 – May 31, 2019.  All of Gearshifting Performance Works’ confirmed activities are moving forward as planned for Spring and Summer, 2019.