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Schemas, 1-5

April 26-27, 2019
8:00pm at The Gas Station Arts Centre
Choreography by Jolene Bailie
Lighting: Hugh Conacher
Dancers: Carol-Ann Bohrn, Helene Le Moullec Mancini, Shawn Maclaine, Warren McClelland, Aaron Paul, Sam Penner, Camila Schujman

Tickets $20/$25 in advance
$22/$28 at the door
tickets available here!


Coming soon, summer, 2019:
Phase Wash

We are delighted to be redeveloping Phase Wash for summer, 2019.
More info to be announced in May.

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Committed to contemporary dance and enriching the community, the Company has three main activities: the advancement of creation, presentation and education of contemporary dance.